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Deliciously Refreshing
Collagen + Prebiotic Soda

Kind for you functional drinks & supplements that don't compromise on taste.

Our products merge the science of nature, taste and innovation to deliver on functional benefits for skin~body~mind.

Through our own personal struggles with health and well-being, Soochi was founded on caring deeply about helping others and the environment. We create kind for you functional drinks & supplements that don’t compromise on taste.

Soochi’s deliciously refreshing Collagen + Prebiotic Berry Soda is the perfect good-for-you treat this Summer. Pair this with our latest edition, pure, unflavoured Collagen + Prebiotic supplement powder with Vitamin C and your skin and gut will love you for it. We are all connected through one shared common goal - to be a kinder version to ourselves everyday, starting with functional eating and drinking. We are here for you.  

Elevate your daily self-care routine.

Try our new Collagen
+ Prebiotic Powder

The perfect combination of our scientifically proven Collagen peptides combined with Prebiotics and Vitamin C. Unflavoured and easily incorporated into your hot morning coffee, tea or even glass of water.