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We are Soochi.

Soochi, derived from the Latin word 'Suci' means juice - commonly known as the nectar of life.


We are a proudly all female founding team on a shared mission to elevate daily self-care by creating kind for you functional drinks & supplements that don't compromise on taste.

Tina Chou | Chief Executive

“I am a massive believer in prevention through functional eating and drinking. It’s something we do everyday, three times a day so we’re technically not doing anything different - only taking a more conscious decision in making the better choice. Choose to care for yourself with no compromise.”

Margie Hunt | Food Technologist

“Juggling life is becoming the standard. It’s important to me that I help develop products that fit seamlessly into our schedules, are delicious, have health at the forefront, and at an accessible price-point. We are on a mission to make ingestible beauty and wellness more honest and effective.”

Naz Nicholson | Creative Director

“Growing up, I have always been fascinated by all the knowledge my mum possessed with traditional uses of ingredients, often passed down from generations of proven use. We have combined ancestral know-how with modern techniques to bring everyone effective yet delicious drinks designed to be part of our daily self-care routine.”

Our vision

We believe in a world where everyone can achieve self-actualisation, realising your full potential. We believe in a world where everyone's glass can always be full.


Modern pace of life in this digital age, living in a pandemic has been the driving force behind a shift in focus in self-care. Whether it be low self-esteem, anxiety, immunity or chronic fatigue, we've all been there. 


Through our personal struggles with well-being, we embraced a new way of living, through functional eating and drinking, with no compromise on taste. Functional foods and supplements are products that have a positive effect on health beyond basic nutritional benefits. They address functional needs, which can range from maintaining and improving physical or mental health to adjusting energy levels and moods. 


Our Skin and Gut Health series features three deliciously refreshing Collagen + Prebiotic Sodas in Glow Berry, Lemon Ginger and Passion Peach. Pair this with our pure, unflavoured Collagen + Prebiotic supplement powder with Vitamin C and your skin and gut will love you for it. We are all connected through one shared common goal - to be a kinder version to ourselves everyday, starting with functional eating and drinking.