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By buying Soochi you're supporting at least 16 other kiwi businesses. Woop Woop! #SupportLocal

We wanted to let you know just how much you are supporting an NZ Business by buying Soochi.

All our ingredients and packaging are sourced from New Zealand where possible to firstly support the growers and keep NZ growing, but this also reduces carbon miles as we are getting the ingredients from our backyard rather than half way across the world.
We actually use waste fruit that would otherwise not be sold in the fresh fruit market due to blemishes. This helps us reduce food waste as a country too. Sure it may be 0.000000001% of the total fruit waste that we are saving, but at least it's a little something something. And if lots of small companies do the same thing then we can save a lot of fruit and veges from wastage. Kind of like how every vote counts, and collectively we have a lot of power for positive change. But lets not get political on it - we just want to drink good soda drinks

Just know that by buying a can of Soochi, you are putting money into the pocket of just over 16 other NZ companies as a direct result

(I just did a quick count from the top of my head, so probably missed some). Seriously. The shipping boxes it comes in? NZ made here in Auckland from a guy that lives in the Waikato. Our 4 pack and 10 pack boxes come from a family owned business in Greymouth. The can label? NZ made in Auckland. The fruit juices? Grown in NZ from Hawkes Bay, Gisborne, Timaru and processed here in NZ also. The manufacturing site? In Tauranga, NZ. The rest of the ingredients in the can? All supplied from NZ companies that are dotted around the country. Our people helping us behind the scenes? NZ people. Our photographer, accountant and lawyer? All small businesses or freelancers here in NZ. So by buying a can of Soochi you're doing a lot of good for a lot of kiwi businesses. Thank you.



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