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Sustainability Series - Storage Temperature


We chose to make Soochi in a way so that it could be safely stored at room temperature for maximum 12 months without compromising on nutrition. We reduce the carbon emissions from energy use. This was one of our key decisions that we decided before we even had nailed the flavour down - no need for chilling or refrigeration during shipping, warehousing, sitting on shelves, or delivery to your house.


Soochi soda drinks are designed to have 12-months shelf life without refrigeration. It provides a storage flexibility to retails and when you buy Soochi, it doesn't take up valuable fridge space for the whole pack as you can store wherever it is the most convenient for you. Our drinks are ready to go right out of the box, which means there is no prep time – and this allows Soochi drinks to fly out the warehouse even faster 🥳


Our cans are sealed and heat-treated which ensures all potential microorganisms are killed, while all the good stuff are locked inside the can for a long shelf-life.


We did this for you and our collective future. It may seem small, but imagine if more companies did this. Imagine if freight overseas didn't have to be refrigerated to take our goods from New Zealand or any other country. Think of how much fossil fuels would be saved, and how much more efficiently we could store, ship and sell food and other goods? 


Making better choices for a better world. 


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