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Behind the Ingredients - Collagen Edition 2 (We couldn't fit it all into one post!)

Not all collagen is sourced or created equally. There are differences in the molecular size, weight, and source of collagen peptides. The smaller the size, the better the absorption. The more gently processed the better the taste (this is a biiiig one!) Nothing worse than tasting it when you really just would rather not. Because the collagen hasn't been heated during processing, it doesn't oxidise and so it has a much cleaner flavour. But. Our collagen is 2kDa in case you were wondering the actual size, and is 95% type I and 5% type III. Verisol is unique and effective in that it's clinically proven to stimulate the fibroblasts in your skin and target your hair and nails as well and is 95% bioavailable.