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Partnerships and working together with other companies


We believe in the value of strong and lasting relationships. 

"Better together" is the running thread in the way we do business.

Soochi are thrilled to collaborate with many local businesses and individuals - cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, suppliers, customers and bloggers, creating a sustainable and connected community. We are committed to use local ingredients and materials in our products. We know that by working together, we can make everyday skin~body~mind products better for everyone. 

Collaboration is a driver of sustainable and successful partnerships, and that working together makes a real difference.

Soochi is made in New Zealand, with at a shared manufacturing facility. We are using equipment that already exists, not making new equipment to manufacture our drinks. i.e All these drink companies can work in together all in the same place, which collectively means we need far less resources to make all our drinks. This isn't a new concept, and makes a lot of sense if you have the equipment so that it is used 24/7 rather than sitting idle doing nothing for 6/7 days of the week. Reduced stainless steel, reduced power use, and increased efficiency.


Image: Tina, Margie and Naz - the 3 co-founders of Soochi

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